How many ways do you try to make your skin smooth? Answer might be difficult because there are many ways by which you can make your skin smooth. But many ways worked for you? This answer would also be easy, definitely few. Don’t worry if you are one of them, then it’s a right time to grab the product which is going to make your face glow beautifully and brings out confidence in you externally.


Pebble Lisa is a beautiful cleansing, made with one of the best technology to cleanse skin deeply and your skin like a new born baby. Pebble Lisa face washing machine is gentle with trust of USA grade silicon bristle. Pebble Lisa is designed to clean the inner most dead cells and makeup on the surface of your skin. Pebble sweeps all the pollutants from the upper layer of your skin and heals the broken skin and brings a charm is your face


  • Pebble Lisa does not cause any cause any facial allergy even though its use leads to reduction in skin allergies.
  • After using the pebble Lisa once in a day, it protect your skin from harmful bacteria for a whole day
  • It is user friendly, as it is easy to handle, designed to use anytime, anywhere, anyplace.
  • Using of Pebble Lisa prevent you from buildup of oil and dirt that may lead to acne, prominent pores and inflammation.

Pebble Lisa is product to remove clogged pores, stubborn breakouts, excess shine, redness and irritation. Whatever problem you are facing this Pebble Lisa washing machine definitely makes your skin loving at first sight.

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